Thursday, 29 August 2013

The best laid plans...

             "A retired husband is often a wife's full time job" 
   Ella Harris

My poor machine was overwhelmed with the love poured on her yesterday and as we sewed along together she unexpectedly 'thunked', needing a visit to the sewing machine repair man. Current status is a week for diagnostic testing.

Before disaster struck we were chugging along quite nicely together, working through the fantastic Leah Day machine quilting tutorials. Lots of learning still to go and I can see merit in my friend's suggestion of a glass of red wine to relax you while you quilt! 
I won't say which friend as I noticed her mentioned in an alcohol related post on another blog last night... she is getting a name for herself!

Next the man of the house discovered that he had lost his job and began to think seriously about retiring.

Oh dear.

So far though, hubby has washed up, made me a cup of tea and done some long needed sorting. 

Maybe it won't all be doom? 

If I can just lead him over to the ironing board...

Christine xx

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  1. I hope your machine gets better soon... wouldn't it be lovely if we could just wind up our men over the ironing etc... and stop when we have had enough!!! love it..... you have wine imbibing friends - best beware!!