Wednesday, 8 January 2014

A day of not much...

"How sweet and sacred idleness is."
Walter Savage Landor

Still persevering with the iPad blogging but not much progress in the finishing project goals - in fact I seem to be further behind than ever! When I am a roll, smoke signals begin to rise and suddenly I am in demand, from husband, children, friends and work.

Unable to sleep today after an unexpected shift last night I knew sewing would only end in disaster so  I answered the call of the op shop and found these lovelies:

Lots of inspiration and the sweetest cherub for my 'secret garden'. The blue and white gingham is an 
apron; I love aprons and noticing recently how well used some of mine have become it was a bonus to find one so new and fresh.

A wander in the garden brought these out of season flowers to my notice. All that heat we have been 
having yet a tiny cyclamen braves the world and pokes it head out in company with another Spring flowerer. My garden is always an absolute delight to me.

You might have to squint a little to see its pink petals.

Following record breaking heat, we had a number of storm warnings so I gathered the few roses from
 bushes in the back garden and a couple of days later they still greet me with the most 
amazing perfume in our small entrance. I wish you could share it!

Finally elusive sleep is calling me (and I hope work isn't similarly inspired)


Christine xx

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  1. lovely little spots in your house and garden...