Sunday, 19 January 2014

The affair I'm not having

"The course of true love never did run smooth"
William Shakespeare 

2014 was the year I was planning a new, deep and profound relationship. One that would change my life. An affair, if you like. It was all planned, we would be soul mates and agree on every stitch...

Of course this affair wasn't to be with a mere man, no! My sewing machine was to be the object of my passion, but like men 
 it   is   so   STUBBORN!  
Why can't it read minds and do what is in my head rather than what my hands guide it to do! And why would it think, no matter how pretty, that a row of loops along the back would enhance the project? Or even that I only want to sew in 6inch runs before rethreading? 

To add to my woes my black cotton has disappeared (using a bobbin of black in the top of the machine may be a hint why the machine is disagreeable). I can't find my quilting gloves, or even the back up gardening gloves - could they have eloped? And the owls in the very important quilt group owl hanger look as if they have had just a touch too much full moon.

Sneaky peek from the back.

There is romance around though. The unpicker and I are spending a lot of time together and really becoming quite intimate... ❤️