Saturday, 22 February 2014

A few more indulgences

'True symmetrical grace can never be obtained with a waist 23 inches around'
Ethel Turner - Seven Little Australians

You may be thinking this blog is becoming about Christine's shopping adventures, but be reassured, you will soon be returned to your regular programme.

I'll begin with a surprise I received from a lovely quilting friend yesterday when lunching at the delightful Fiona's  house (a special treat in itself, especially as it gave me a chance to catch up with the irrepressible Kris from Tag Along Teddies). Bev, who has no blog yet, gave me a wonderfully presented bundle of fat quarter fabrics in just the soft shades I love! How amazing generous and thoughtful! I'm so lucky and can't wait to find just the right project for them.

Last week our quilting group had a bring and buy day, I forgot to bring anything however I was able to buy this exquisite vintage (?) cotton broderie anglaise lace. There are no plans for it yet, but when something like that comes before you, what is a girl to do! I was noble though and left a number of other bundles for others.

The next day op shopping unturned this wonderfully embroidered doily (auto correct keeps insisting it was a folly... and maybe it was, but what a glorious one!) and Diane Lampe and Jane Fisk's book was a very welcome addition to my small library of embroidery books.

The real glory of the trip however was this corset! I pictured it draped decoratively across my Victorian iron bed then decided, as it was a womanly size, I could try it on.


I was stunned!!!

For a few bits of fabric and boning with minimal shaping and a lot of ribbon, it did things for my usually rounded figure I never believed possible! All those comfortable bits around the waist from tea and cake with friends were pushed up under my normally insignificant bosom making it suddenly magnificent!

 I was speechless...and breathless!

I can only say, those great grandmothers of ours knew what they were doing when they distorted their rib cages and ruined their sleep with tight lacing.

Christine xx

Monday, 17 February 2014

Circle of friends

'True friends are always together in spirit.'

There were so many quotes I could have posted today to convey the blessing of having friends!

Last week was a time when I was reminded of their value. My best friend who I grew up with, began work with, shared houses with, came to stay with me. It must be more than 15 years since we saw each other in person although we have always kept sporadic contact with letters, then email. I had to laugh when I found she had hired a car from the airport in case she needed a quick getaway because I had been feeling equally nervous! From our first remeeting, we laughed, shared memories and found that we had new things in common and could enjoy about the other.  The joy of having a friend who knows everything about your history because she lived it with you is something I had never realised. The secrets shared that even your family never knew.
 Seventeen year old souls still lurk in fifty plus bodies!

We have vowed not to let so much time pass again.

Meanwhile on Facebook, when I discovered all the separate compartments of my world had converged on a post with school friends, internet friends, work mates, sewing friends and family interacting together, I realised the truth of Yeats words:

'There are no strangers, only friends you have not met yet'

I haven't had much chance for sewing, the February OPAM is looking dire but I was able to add some more hexagons to one of the too many hexagon UFOs and finish embroidering 
another panel for my stitchery quilt.

Meanwhile to all my friends out there

'Won't you come into the garden? I would like my roses to see you.'
Richard Sheridan 

Christine xx

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Treasure hunt

"Happiness is the art of making a bouquet of those flowers within reach." 
Bob Goddard

With the men in my life giving me angst, it was time to head off for some retail therapy at the local op shops and the shops were waiting for me!

As I walked in, my eye was drawn to this beautiful book which adds to a set I have slowly been collecting. It was joined by a few quilting magazines and a delightful vintage set of booklets on soft toy making. 

Next a couple of out of date calendars were added to the pile for their gorgeous illustrations.

This pretty file is a nod to practicality and this handmade (you can see thumbprints!) pottery bowl was as well, until I got home and noticed a very fine crack. It is stunning though and if 
it weren't for the 'made in Greece' marking I could believe it was used centuries ago and lost until uncovered in an archeological expedition...

Add 2 frames to the pile (3 planned projects to fight over them) a length of brown minky that our old cat is already eyeing off and 

A size 10 blouse!!!!!

The gorgeous teal blue (my favourite colour, along with pink, yellow, green and mauve) and 
retro polka dots caught my eye, but as my usual size is closer to the legal voting age, I didn't have many hopes. Trying it on however, I think I might even need to take it in a little! After discovering that, it wouldn't have mattered if it was vomit coloured, it was coming home with me!

Now I just need to work out how to plausibly and with subtlety slip into conversation the nuisance of having to take my size 10 blouse in.

All this joy for less than the cost of a magazine!

Monday, 3 February 2014

OPAM January finishes

"Weary with toil, I haste me to my bed,
the dear repose for limbs with travel tired, 
but then begins a journey in my head,
to work my mind, when body's work expired."
Shakespeare, Sonnet 27

Suffering a head cold accompanied by many bodily aches, my day was planned to ignore my usual Monday cleaning and to lounge about watching movies having warm drinks and food brought to me by my beloved. Alas, after making one cup of coffee he has disappeared for a brisk walk to the cinema where he tells me he may stay and see a second movie... 

Plan B is to continue the lounging, tissue box by my side, do some sewing on one of my ongoing hexagon quilts and read a few blog posts for inspiration. Having started this, I discovered that people are putting up their OPAM January photos! Some people, amazingly have dozens! I work at a lower pace and have...
(and was smug that I even reached that total!)

So here is the summary for January:

Enjoy your day