Saturday, 22 February 2014

A few more indulgences

'True symmetrical grace can never be obtained with a waist 23 inches around'
Ethel Turner - Seven Little Australians

You may be thinking this blog is becoming about Christine's shopping adventures, but be reassured, you will soon be returned to your regular programme.

I'll begin with a surprise I received from a lovely quilting friend yesterday when lunching at the delightful Fiona's  house (a special treat in itself, especially as it gave me a chance to catch up with the irrepressible Kris from Tag Along Teddies). Bev, who has no blog yet, gave me a wonderfully presented bundle of fat quarter fabrics in just the soft shades I love! How amazing generous and thoughtful! I'm so lucky and can't wait to find just the right project for them.

Last week our quilting group had a bring and buy day, I forgot to bring anything however I was able to buy this exquisite vintage (?) cotton broderie anglaise lace. There are no plans for it yet, but when something like that comes before you, what is a girl to do! I was noble though and left a number of other bundles for others.

The next day op shopping unturned this wonderfully embroidered doily (auto correct keeps insisting it was a folly... and maybe it was, but what a glorious one!) and Diane Lampe and Jane Fisk's book was a very welcome addition to my small library of embroidery books.

The real glory of the trip however was this corset! I pictured it draped decoratively across my Victorian iron bed then decided, as it was a womanly size, I could try it on.


I was stunned!!!

For a few bits of fabric and boning with minimal shaping and a lot of ribbon, it did things for my usually rounded figure I never believed possible! All those comfortable bits around the waist from tea and cake with friends were pushed up under my normally insignificant bosom making it suddenly magnificent!

 I was speechless...and breathless!

I can only say, those great grandmothers of ours knew what they were doing when they distorted their rib cages and ruined their sleep with tight lacing.

Christine xx

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  1. Beautiful fabric bundle, great finds but best of all the corset and the description :-)))))))))))