Monday, 17 February 2014

Circle of friends

'True friends are always together in spirit.'

There were so many quotes I could have posted today to convey the blessing of having friends!

Last week was a time when I was reminded of their value. My best friend who I grew up with, began work with, shared houses with, came to stay with me. It must be more than 15 years since we saw each other in person although we have always kept sporadic contact with letters, then email. I had to laugh when I found she had hired a car from the airport in case she needed a quick getaway because I had been feeling equally nervous! From our first remeeting, we laughed, shared memories and found that we had new things in common and could enjoy about the other.  The joy of having a friend who knows everything about your history because she lived it with you is something I had never realised. The secrets shared that even your family never knew.
 Seventeen year old souls still lurk in fifty plus bodies!

We have vowed not to let so much time pass again.

Meanwhile on Facebook, when I discovered all the separate compartments of my world had converged on a post with school friends, internet friends, work mates, sewing friends and family interacting together, I realised the truth of Yeats words:

'There are no strangers, only friends you have not met yet'

I haven't had much chance for sewing, the February OPAM is looking dire but I was able to add some more hexagons to one of the too many hexagon UFOs and finish embroidering 
another panel for my stitchery quilt.

Meanwhile to all my friends out there

'Won't you come into the garden? I would like my roses to see you.'
Richard Sheridan 

Christine xx


  1. thats a lovely reflective post.... I know my friends are so valuable... including yours truly!

  2. Beautiful post, our friends are a very precious part of our lives x