Monday, 3 February 2014

OPAM January finishes

"Weary with toil, I haste me to my bed,
the dear repose for limbs with travel tired, 
but then begins a journey in my head,
to work my mind, when body's work expired."
Shakespeare, Sonnet 27

Suffering a head cold accompanied by many bodily aches, my day was planned to ignore my usual Monday cleaning and to lounge about watching movies having warm drinks and food brought to me by my beloved. Alas, after making one cup of coffee he has disappeared for a brisk walk to the cinema where he tells me he may stay and see a second movie... 

Plan B is to continue the lounging, tissue box by my side, do some sewing on one of my ongoing hexagon quilts and read a few blog posts for inspiration. Having started this, I discovered that people are putting up their OPAM January photos! Some people, amazingly have dozens! I work at a lower pace and have...
(and was smug that I even reached that total!)

So here is the summary for January:

Enjoy your day



  1. well done with those finishes... so enlightening that you have a mug rug now!

  2. Lovely finishes Christine !