Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Treasure hunt

"Happiness is the art of making a bouquet of those flowers within reach." 
Bob Goddard

With the men in my life giving me angst, it was time to head off for some retail therapy at the local op shops and the shops were waiting for me!

As I walked in, my eye was drawn to this beautiful book which adds to a set I have slowly been collecting. It was joined by a few quilting magazines and a delightful vintage set of booklets on soft toy making. 

Next a couple of out of date calendars were added to the pile for their gorgeous illustrations.

This pretty file is a nod to practicality and this handmade (you can see thumbprints!) pottery bowl was as well, until I got home and noticed a very fine crack. It is stunning though and if 
it weren't for the 'made in Greece' marking I could believe it was used centuries ago and lost until uncovered in an archeological expedition...

Add 2 frames to the pile (3 planned projects to fight over them) a length of brown minky that our old cat is already eyeing off and 

A size 10 blouse!!!!!

The gorgeous teal blue (my favourite colour, along with pink, yellow, green and mauve) and 
retro polka dots caught my eye, but as my usual size is closer to the legal voting age, I didn't have many hopes. Trying it on however, I think I might even need to take it in a little! After discovering that, it wouldn't have mattered if it was vomit coloured, it was coming home with me!

Now I just need to work out how to plausibly and with subtlety slip into conversation the nuisance of having to take my size 10 blouse in.

All this joy for less than the cost of a magazine!


  1. oh I love that blouse... and size 10... gotto feel good in that... maybe the bowl was made in Greece.... centuries ago.... how come you just bought the boring calenders????????

  2. That is a great day shopping.
    I have come to visit you from Fiona at BubzRugz as she has been sharing your delightful bluebird stitchery. Is there some where I could purchase the patterns?