Friday, 18 April 2014

A little make

"Isn't it nice to think tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet"
L M Montgomery

Eek! This has been a week of 'stitch one - unpick twenty' so my plan of dazzling you with an array of home crafted goodies has come to naught. To make things worse I burnt an iron shape into the ironing board cover and the pot of yummy raspberry jam from Fiona is empty. 

Disheartened, I headed to the op shop where I found these gorgeous Japanese silk threads waiting to inspire me, along with a few other sewing bits thrown into the dollar bag (and a couple of wonderful wooden vintage coat hangers to satisfy the practical streak in me).

On the way home I perused the recent magazines in the news agency and in my newly awakened inspired mood fell in love with a picture of a toadstool in a thimble. After all my earlier failures it was so lovely to come home, hunt out a thimble which I believe was my mother in law's, pull out some toadstools left over from a previous project and...
 ta da!

It's so nice to finally have finished something!

A lovely surprise came in the mail this week from the aforementioned mother in law who has been crocheting coasters for Easter gifts. I am feeling quite elegant when I have my coffee 
now! My sister in law, Philippa has shown her coaster off as well, along with the million or so projects she actually finishes. We'll have to have coffee together when we can, they make such a nice set.

The weather has been delightfully springlike here and the lilac is in blossom. Sometimes everything is perfect!

I can now even face the curtains and pillowcases I have spent so much time 'reverse sewing' with confidence!

Have a lovely Easter. ❤️



  1. Love your thimble and toadstools !!!!

  2. The thimble is gorgeous,happy Easter.xx

  3. lovely threads... and pretty doily... but I just adore your thimble mushrooms.... please bring it in to quilting group so I can see it in real life...

  4. Thimble garden is very cute. I'm not even jealous that you got Mum's thimble :) Sorry to hear all your reverse sewing exploits. I have had to unpick several mis sews on my latest quilt... upside down blocks, sewn to the wrong side pieces... so not fun. I was sewing too late last night. And what great finds at your second hand shop. Ours don't seem to have such fun stuff

  5. Hello Christine,

    Happy Easter,

    Love you pick-ups from the op-shop. Could you tell me what that item is that has the pink,yellow thread wound on it. I have one of those from my Aunty/Nannas stash and did post about it once on my blog asking for help as to what it is called.

    Happy Easter and may this week by full of no un-picking.

    Happy days.