Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Horror vacui

...or    'Nature abhors a vacuum'

My youngest child stretched his wings yesterday and moved away from home to the big city so for therapy you can probably guess what I did today ...

Yes, off to the op shops!

First stop my eye was caught by trios and incomplete trios between $2 and $4 a set. I splurged and picked out these two (leaving lots of lovely sets for other mothers whose homes are empty of their chicks). I already have a matching Moss Rose cake plate and 
what intrigues me about it and this trio is that although the pattern is now a Royal Albert design, these are older and produced by Roslyn. I can only imagine that Roslyn was taken over by Royal Albert but haven't found confirmation of this. The teacup and side plate are Royal Winton chintz (design Cheadle) and as a china and fabric lover what could be a better combination?

Next stop was an addition to my honey pots with this sweet little jug with bee and clover. The shelf they live on is above eye level so dust isn't an issue...until you take a photo. 


3 pretty pressed glass plates joined it and calling in on the way home to our very local walking distance op shop I was able to take advantage of the ongoing sale and relieve them of this lovely white embroidered carver cloth, marked down to $1! 

Dusting and ironing are on the agenda tomorrow...




  1. Beautiful purchases, love the jug !!!!!

  2. you do manage to find lovely goodies....

  3. What a delightful cache of goodies....a lover of China here too!

  4. Hello Christine.

    Hope the son is settling in well. Love those tea cups and extras. Amazing what can be found in op shops.

    Happy days.