Friday, 16 May 2014

The good old days

There is a lovely warmness about feelings of nostalgia as though in one's head one is putting on a pair of comfy old slippers and curling up in front of a fire. 
William E Geist

I have been a busy little semi productive bee lately and actually finished a couple of items! 

But today I am sidetracked. The call of the op shop came and while the local school children were still loitering on their way to the school gates, I was in my car with a bundle to drop off, full of anticipation of what I would find.

And what lovely finds were waiting. Our local St Vincent de Paul was having their regular 'fill a bag for $5' and after an hour and three quarters, studying every book they had, I filled a bag - with magazines, novels, collectable hardbacks...
including this magazine. With the bits I found in another part of the shop I have been in a lovely, gooey, nostalgic mood all day and wanted to share some of that with you.

How gorgeous is the printed panel from 'the Stitchery' in Sydney. I have a special fondness for embroidered items and patterns from that era - practical made pretty and I'm lucky enough to have a few lining my laundry.

The kitten fabric caught my heart (they had a couple of meters in green too). It is a bit old and stained but it brought a rush of memory of when I had my first job and Woolworths was still a variety store where you could buy whatever you needed.
The sifter? Well, I don't have one and who would pass up a good vintage 99% percent aluminium aid for the fledgling domestic goddess - in perfect working order!

The cream of the shopping though was the wonderful Australian Home Journal from 1st January 1954! With pattern sheets!
This will be going to live with someone precious to me who loves and collects these however it's so delightful I wanted to share with you life as it was 60 years ago...

After a satisfying day sewing an attractive new nightdress ensemble 

And preparing special food for your little cherubs

what could be more pleasant than a night at the theatre with choices like South Pacific or Kiss me Kate, or maybe a trip with the children to the cinema to see Disneys newest creation - Peter Pan.

and in case you are still striving for a slender form to do the nightdress true justice, the secret is here...
(But don't overdo it, lest you too become washed out and no fun!)



  1. wow awesome treasure finds Christine.xx

  2. a fun post... no wonder they had to use laxatives to keep waists to fit in those patterns! Love the stitchery.... I used to have one of those sieves.... from my gran... silly me thought I wouldn't need it any more!

  3. what a fun read Christine! Erm, aren't Ford Pills a laxative? most of them back then, were either that or a form of early 'speed'...