Thursday, 26 June 2014

While the cat's away...

Housework is what a woman does that nobody notices unless she hasn't done it. 
Evan Esar

The man of the house had to be away for a week, an excellent chance to have an affair with fabric and sewing machine but an even better opportunity to get those jobs done which, when suggested, cause his eyes to glaze over and a look of suffering appear on his careworn face. So it was off to the tool shed to play with his toys! (Note: this never happens in reverse. The sewing machine is out of bounds if I am absent).

After trips to Bunnings over a couple of months my collection of curtain rod pieces was complete, with bonus rings from Vinnies so I was able to wash, iron and rehang the two sets of bedroom curtains which had been languishing on mismatched metal poles and odd or missing plastic ends. An excellent job to do without the man because as soon as I had hung them I changed my mind about the height and width, requiring Hanging Session Two. oops. The second hanging means they now need rehemming with false hems but they can 'drop' for a week...or a month...or a year ...

With the curtains (which despite the photo are actually a lovely faded rose patterned linen) rehung the toppling piles of books were distracting from the (almost) finished perfection of the bedroom so off to the guest room where I could use the bedside bookshelves and a number of preloved pieces of shelving from the shed to create more shelf space at the other end of the room. 
These are the books I have been friends with for years. Battered and no great literary value but always enjoyable for another read and useful for insomniac guests 

The other job which had been nagging at me was a shelf for my tin village. 
These little houses used to sit along the top of the pelmet holding Austrian curtains in my sewing room but after 13 years in north east sun, the fabric had faded and, worse, were spotted with the gory remains of flies and other insects feasted upon by the black house spiders that took up residence in the hidden corners after eviction of the previous spidery tenants. 
So far, no curtains is the answer although I can see blinds being needed on the clear northern windows if I'm ever to sew in there again.

I'm picking hubby up from the local airport at 12 today, just in time for him to drop me off at the local bus station for my trip to the big smoke to keep an eye on my sister after an anaesthetic.
 Ships passing in the night.

I better go put all his toys away!



  1. oh well done... I am most impressed by those wonderful book shelves.... looks like you got lots done and all the best for your sister...


  2. Love all the chores you got done....beautiful books and tin houses. I have a tiny collection Lol! Hope all goes well for your sister.

  3. You've been so busy Christine! Great work... seeing your fresh curtains reminds me that i should really give mine a freshen up too... perhaps in the Spring, not while it's still winter!

  4. yes lots of jobs done. You have been productive. Where are you putting the tin village? Have you come up with an idea? Glad you have a stash of books for me to read when next I come. Must come again soon