Tuesday, 1 July 2014


What freezings I have felt... 

I don't know about everywhere else but here in the Sunshine State it has been decidedly chilly! Long hot baths with a book and cup of milo have been in order, snuggling by the heater in flanny jammies and chenille dressing gown with a cat on your lap after, ending the day with a leap into ...an icy bed! As a result one of my projects this month was to turn two flat flannelette sheets into a doona cover. Aaah ....finally cosy and both cats agree! 

For the count I have hemmed and hung 3 sets of sheer lace curtains, finished a hardangar Christmas angel and made another return to a previous passion of pulled thread work and counted cross stitch to make a small sampler before my fingers froze.

6 projects completed!

I hope you all had a wonderfully creative month and thank you to Kris and Peg for providing the inspiration to keep on. 


  1. Pippin is much more affectionate in this colder weather. The rest of the year he could take a cuddle or leave it (usually the latter) The projects you've pictured look lovely (as always)

  2. Lovely projects I especially love the angel, well done !

  3. done well... I love the sampler and the angel... keep warm... big frost here this morning...

  4. Lovely post and I can relate to all those cosy occupations. Lovely finishes. I adore your sweet Angel x