Thursday, 31 July 2014

OPAM and a trip to the op-shop

“We forget that every good that is worth possessing must be paid for in strokes of daily effort."

William James

One finish this month for the tally ...and half a dozen projects started. I wonder if one ever catches up?

I have a big birthday project on the go which has to be finished very soon so I can feel comfortable blaming this for not completing the others and won't consider that time wandering around the op shops may contribute to less time at the sewing machine! 

Of course without op shop wanderings I might not have a supply of fabrics and laces and such, so it is a vital part of crafting... and home making...and gardening and ...well anything. (even our wonderful  locally grown wild honey comes from the op-shop)

 This week was sale time and all those glorious doilies were squished into a bag for $6 then reduced by 75% so the sum total was $1.50! They are meant for craft as most are stained or have small holes, which I love as I can't bring myself to cut into something perfect. Expecting half a dozen, I was stunned to count 19!
Add vintage braids, including my favourite cotton ric rac on cards and a bag of leather pieces for an attempt to make a leather thimble. There might be a few attempts possible in that collection - if I can get into the bag after being reminded it is not to be opened! 

Some very inspiring magazines full of projects by creative people. I love browsing magazines and it's also possible that if I spent less time drooling over crafts I might get more done, only just possible though.  Plus a book for my friend who requesting some help with the local idioms met a response of blank faces. I'm sure the Queen says 'G'day mate' on less formal occasions so what would be different?

Once again, thank you Kris and Sweet Peg for the inspiration to get even one project finished each month!

That raking still hasn't happened but my little lone snowflake is now part of a crowd.



  1. i know what you mean re finding it hard to cut up good things. When I made the white banner for our church I incorporated a lot of the linen we had in the communion table... collected from the uniting of 3 congregations. I stitched them on whole for the most part. I found when I was part of online craft groups I spent too much time on line looking at stuff. It cut into my productive time. But you find a lot of inspiration there so all is not lost

  2. I love your little hardanger project