Thursday, 17 July 2014

Winter work and play

The poetry of the earth is never dead.
John Keats

I'm feeling rather like a schoolgirl sneaking back after wagging.

A couple of weeks ago I had signed up for FNWF and I did get my sewing out only to be interrupted by the dreaded work phone call wanting my presence for the night, so I apologise to anyone who called by hoping to see wonderful things... or anything!  However in company of friends I have had a chance to continue the delightful Christmas swag from Brandy Gully and begin the wonderful Birdhouse Mouse Pincushion that I have been drooling over on other blogs.

Mostly though I have been spending my time in the bracing air of the Winter garden. I'm not sure it looks any less bleak for all this loving attention but it's such a wonderful time to see what to get rid of and what to include for future seasons and meet the seasonal flowers, such as this sweet little snowflake, also braving the cold.

A break from gardening came when my very very very ('very' to the power of 100) happy husband took delivery of his new red car and whisked me to the coast for a night. 

No romantic beach photos but along the way we found a lovely spot for a break.

 and further on I was awed by these endless forests of trees. So straight and tall. Will they be someone's home one day or maybe the furnishings to make it comfortable?
We had to rush back when he was called urgently for work 

so to return to the garden, 

here are the last of the roses...

their perfumes mingling with scented violets

and jonquils

Now to put my feet up, drink tea from my newest Op shop treasure, watch a favourite DVD
...and hope that pesky phone doesn't ring yet again.



  1. Hi Christine lovely post and beautiful work.xx

  2. Love my visits...your stitchingis lovely x

  3. always lovely and restful visiting you.... great work on the pincushion garden has very little flowers in it at the moment..... some mulch yes....

  4. Hello Christine,

    Love that project with the ladybird on it. Lots of lovely vases of flowers. Interesting looking book there too. Hope the phone only brings lovely calls.

    Happy days.

  5. it was great to call in overnight. Thankyou for having us. Loved sticky beaking at all your little projects and do dads. Love the mouse. Thankyou for my little pressies