Monday, 25 August 2014

another year gone by...

'Inside every old person is a young person wondering what happened.'
Terry Pratchett

Hasn't the time flown! 

Since posting last I have had a birthday and although I was spoilt rotten, suddenly I felt very very old and it has taken a couple of weeks to accept that I am no longer the young siren I once was.   (well...never was, if I'm honest) This was underlined by an unexpected glimpse in a shop window - who was that old woman looking back at me? I gave up looking in mirrors some time ago, so for a while it was puzzling.  Was she my twin, separated at birth but obviously having led a hard life and allowed herself to go to pot... 

Oh vanity!

Anyway I'm ready to rejoin the world and wanted to share this stunning/gorgeous/superb/amazing/incredible gift I received from the very talented Fiona!

How awesome. 

I can't believe the work she put into it and how beautiful it is. Not only does it have her wonderful mini quilting (look at those tiny feathers!) but countless hand sewn beads.

Every time I look at it I am blown away.

Actually it contributed to my lack of bloggy posts because what can you say about something so breathtakingly lovely. I spent the first few days just staring at it and trialling it in different spots around the cottage. Fiona's orders were that I use it but is it likely that I would put it at risk in my rather casual (messy) home?! So as suits a quilt, albeit such a small one, it is hanging in my bedroom and I just love it!

As said I was very spoilt, especially with chocolate and flowers. 
(oops, the chocolate seems to have been eaten)

Age may have caught me but with the blessings of good friends and loving family who can really complain.



  1. Happy Birthday, Christine, and I have that same problem when I look in shop windows too. Lol! Lovely gift from Fiona, you are lucky.

  2. Happy birthday Christine,i absolutely love what Fiona has made for you she is so clever and love that there is such tiny beads all over it as well.xx

  3. yoiu say the nicest things.....

  4. Happy birthday xxx Our lovely friend Fiona is indeed a clever girl. Your special gift is gorgeous. I am glad you were spoilt.

  5. Hello Christine,

    A special Happy Birthday to you, gosh that little hanging has so much detail. You found the perfect spot for it. Fiona must have known you have a pink room.
    Happy days.

  6. Happy Birthday Christine. I read this on your birthday & thought I had commented, maybe only in my mind.

    Looks like you had a wonderful celebration.

  7. Now - our lovely Fiona has just posted that her bluebird stitchery is now a flimsy. Is there any way I can purchase those designs off you? They are not only beautiful but logical for us here in Australia.


  8. Happy Birthday. So glad Fiona's post led me to your blog. Your work is beautiful and so is Fiona's delightful gift.

  9. Fiona's gift is gorgeous! Happy belated birthday! :)

  10. what a lovely present. Happy birthday for a month ago. I did say so on fb but will say so again on the blog so there is a more permanent record