Thursday, 2 October 2014

Another month passed

'Oh, to be in Toowoomba now that September's there'
apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning

What a month September was! 
So many gardens...  so much craft... so much to eat... so many guests... and so many new projects started ...with so few completed.

Spring time in Toowoomba is Carnival of Flowers time and even though the main event only lasts a week, the lead up is thrilling as you watch gardens and projects bloom.

The first event of the month was Stitchers Dream Day Out with the most beautiful table settings, glorious projects and talented designers. How could I not start some more projects with so much on offer!

Enjoying sneak peeks at the public gardens and bursts of purple in my own filled in the couple of weeks before Toowoomba opened up in all its colourful glory. 

Two (!!!) quilt shows. One 'Creative Fields' from the Quilters Angel featured other crafts as well as quilts and I was lucky enough to be able to put in a couple of quilts as well as some dresses I had made for my children when the were little, bringing back all sorts of nostalgic mummy memories.

The Toowoomba Quilters show were having their 30th birthday, so I could pop a couple of quilts made in the late 70s and early 80s into their historical display - is it sad when you realise your work is old enough to be historical! No photo sorry, I seemed to have spent September looking at everything and forgetting to get the camera out. 

My owl banner was also included in a display of owl challenge quilts and won Viewer's Choice... however it was mentioned that lots of children voted and several times over, so I'm suspecting that it wasn't my dazzling mastery of the art that earned this prize! 

and while I didn't actually finish any fabric projects, I did get a chance to blow the dust from my beloved dolls house and make a gramophone table for its little imaginary inhabitants.

10 cent 'record' for scale

It was a glorious month off but now it's back to the night shift treadmill. 
...roll on retirement!



  1. Glad to read you won viewers choice. My friend & I loved your hanging & voted for you. Hugs, xx

  2. it was a crazy month and a lot of fun ..... I was glad to have spent some of the fun with you... I just love that tiny record cabinet.... I had to have a second look at your night duty kit... I thought the yellow packets were condoms!!!

    1. Fiona! People are going to wonder what I do now...

    2. yes... well it did make me wonder what you do on night duty!

  3. oh by the way I just love your owls.... well deserved win and no you didn't get it because children voted several times... that was an unneccesary comment....

  4. Loved your wee owlies and congrats on your win. I loved my visit during this special time. Very cute little piece for your dolls house...soooo tiny! Ooohh love that piece of China too!!!

  5. Hi Christine i love your owls and looks like you had a wonderful day,thankyou for sharing.xx