Monday, 13 October 2014

Old friend

"The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table."

With a weekend free when work didn't want me, I could continue on my 'Things to do this September' list. This project was to be the regular top up coat of varnish on our kitchen table. Alas... 'regular' seemed to have slipped from about  2 or 3 years to 6 or 7 years and the poor girl needed a bit more dramatic repair work.

As I sanded and choked and clamped and drilled and glued, I wondered why I was bothering but this table knows all my secrets and has kept them well and such loyalty deserves a reward. Since coming into our family 20 years ago via a Salvation Army store 
wearing a psychedelic purple paint job (the photo is a faded hint, baby!) she has been the quiet listener at intimate conversations over cups of tea, she has been at our birthday parties, family dinners, group lunches as well.

She has seen my children learn to cook...and me too. She has been the workbench for secret Christmas projects and has a few dings to prove it. She has held babies and day old chicks and knows the bottom of my sewing machine very well. She expands to 6 feet and shrinks back to 4 1/2 feet to suit the occasion.

and now she is ready to do it all again.
Tea anyone?



  1. I loved your post.... I guess tables are like teacups.... They keep a lot of secrets. You have done a fantastic job of renewal there. Here's to many more years.

  2. great job on the table and lovely post to go with it..... I'd love a cuppa...