Friday, 12 December 2014

Dear friends bearing gifts...

'Fill all thy bones with aches'

My old school friend recently spent a week here while we worked on her house getting it ready for tenants. It turned out to be a bigger job than expected and while I wasn't enslaved or cursed, my bones were certainly aching and rather than the usual fervent prayer that work wouldn't want me, there was a hope that maybe they would...

However when I look at the wonderful thing she squeezed into her rather small car to bring a thousand kilometres to me, knowing that I had been longing without hope of fulfilment, I am touched and humbled and thrilled and all suffering is forgotten.

How beautiful is this!

and there's more...

she came with this beautiful chair...

with storage!

She is a lovely Bebarfald Bluebird from the late 20s or early 30s, made in NSW according to the embossing on the treadle. She needs a belt and I need some practice but she does a beautiful straight stitch with her vibrating shuttle bobbin and a few spins of her hand wheel. 

Her name is Bonnie (because she is pretty, charming and beautiful) and I am in love with her.

Thank you Angela, the angel you are.

(Oh and 2 finishes for December if you can count spool doilies!)



  1. Oh what beautiful treasures! Such a gorgeous gift! Hope you are not so sore now x

  2. Hi Christine,wow what a beautiful chair and machine,such special treasures,enjoy.xx

  3. Bonnie is beautiful.... lucky you...

  4. Simply beautiful, Christine - enjoy! x

  5. Hello Christine,

    Wow your very own personalised sewing machine, I bet you are so happy with this gift. Love that chair as well. The blue doilies look right at home on Bonnie.

    Happy days.