Tuesday, 27 January 2015

A lovely year of finishes;January

'Out of clutter, find simplicity.'
Albert Einstein

My first completed article for 'a lovely year of finishes' and how lovely it is to have finally completed it. I'm not sure how many years the original embroideries sat in my sewing basket but you can be assured, it was too long! 
Thank you for the gentle nudge.

Having this on my kitchen/dining table makes me think twice about what else is being dumped onto it, so magically the whole room is tidier, although Teddy, who is NEVER allowed on the table did seem to think rules had changed when suddenly there was a perfect cat sized quilt laid out waiting for him to stretch out on. He was informed otherwise with no delay!
I'm hoping to get around to see other finishes before my laptop is whisked away for repair by the non procrastinating HP courier, leaving me to struggle with the also ailing ipad. 

Also now in my new Craftsy store, is the February pattern for the Bluebird of Happiness BOM quilt. 
February is romantically themed and can also be used individual projects.   
I love to see what people do with my projects so please feel welcome to send photos of finished items that I can share on this blog or gloat over privately if you'd prefer.

Thank you for all the encouragement I have been getting, it's been a real thrill!



  1. Love your finished table runner--
    I also have those blocks all stitched --but I have all 4 in the series stitched--
    and they are on my wip to finish up for Feb--if not later in the week--I think though I only stitched mine last year or year before--
    thanks for the blue bird designs-
    Smiles, diandmissgracie

  2. Your table runner really is very pretty and I love the little extra bees around the edge....