Friday, 9 January 2015

Warm kitty, soft kitty

I gave my cat a bath the other day... they love it. He sat there, he enjoyed it, it was fun for me. The fur would stick to my tongue, but other than that... 

Steve Martin

Three posts in as many days! 

Queensland is a wonderful place to live. The sun shines nearly all the time, its warm, we have the most wonderful fruits, gardens proliferate and to pay for this glory we have only the tiniest problem...  fleas.

Over the years it has been a battle to find the best treatment for our boys. We've worked through collars, back of the neck drops, tablets...  each with success until the scientist fleas working away on the backs of Labs found remedies and vaccines so they could as a species continue their conquering march.

So its back to the old tried and true method - the flea bath. If the cat safe flea shampoo doesn't poison the microscopic beasts, it will drown them. 

First up was Teddy. He is the sort of cat who just sighs when you want to dress him up, put him in a box, make him dance - he is a perfect child's cat, even if the child is a score or more in age.

My tried and true, safest method is to take a set of legs in each hand and dunk the unsuspecting creature into a big tub or bucket of warm water. Two turns to make sure he is wet, then take him out for a lathering. Teddy loves being lathered! Being massaged with a soapy substance sends him into ecstasy...oh more please. In this state its easy to dunk him back into the water for several rinses. Then it's wrapped up into a towel and being told what a brave boy he is...

Now, lulled by a false sense of accomplishment, it was Mr Tibbs' turn. 

My Tibbs was a stray when we adopted him. He has led the street life and knows how to fight. He also knows he doesn't like water and has a long memory. 

15 minutes later, the laundry flooded, hangings clawed from the walls, scratch marks down my back and bites on my hands...

 the mission was accomplished!

We survived! 
...although the boys may need therapy for a few trust issues.



  1. You made me laugh, very funny post

  2. Oh dear, certainly sounds like fun and games to me! Furio and Milo would never let me do that to them, I don't think. lol!

  3. You gave me a smile. Such fun bathing cats. I've to worm my fur babies & i am not looking forward to that at all. Hugs,xx

  4. Cats are such wonderful creatures :-)

  5. Hello Christine,

    If that is the only downside to living in Queensland the cats and you will survive! Hope the fleas are gone.

    Happy days.

  6. What a caper Christine! Looks like the kitties forgive you, bless them!

  7. Thank you Christine for the best laugh I've had in ages! I'm thanking my lucky stars that regular flea treatment still works in Scotland. Can't imagine how I'd fare if Maisie, Mimi and Tiggy had to have flea baths. Teddy and Mr Tibbs are gorgeous. Polar opposites but both brimming with personality.
    Love your blog.... popped you onto my blog list so I don't loose track of you. Have fun.... and thanks

  8. popping over from Fiona's blog to say hello.
    You are a brave woman, I would put up with the fleas rather than try to bath my feline. I am sure I would come off second best for sure.
    Your cats are lovely...