Wednesday, 7 January 2015

A Fresh Start

'Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.'
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hello everyone and welcome to this lovely 2015 where we can make and break resolutions and draw a line under past mistakes for a fresh start! I love the fresh new days after the calendar turns from December to January.

 My resolution is to lose a fat eighth of me (and another next year...) Wish me luck!

Walking is high on the agenda but can I surpass this gentle stroll recorded by my phone in the closing days of 2014?  I could have been reclining in my seat in the plane returning from Melbourne it tired me so little...  oops, maybe I was!

The beloved, aka Steptoe began the year with a flurry of cleaning which necessitated a trip to the local dump (our first ever date was to a tip - such a romantic he is!). I had a lovely wander around finding treasures at the Lifeline shop - can you believe a retro styled lounge set like this was valued for a fortune on Antiques Roadshow and someone here just threw theirs away! 

I satisfied myself with this totally superfluous chair.

Originally the plan was to paint it but having given it a scrub, I rather like its authentic shabby chic quality.

By the next trip (he had a lot of clutter) I had worked out where those beautiful matching square pots could go but alas, someone else was quicker. The retro lounge had been snapped up too. 

After my sudden burst of productivity for Christmas gifts I needed a small and mindless project and at the same time we needed some coasters, so after a satisfying browse of Pinterest and with help from my trusty apprentice I whipped up 3 from some of the million or so 2inch squares left from a project never completed. When I say whipped up, it did take longer than expected but they have the look of something whipped up in 5 minutes.

  Three finishes for 2015 already...  better sign up to OPAM again so they can be counted!

My big news is that FINALLY I have started listing my patterns on Craftsy! I'm still feeling my way so have started with a Block of the Month which was released for one year some time ago through a local quilt shop. 

January is free and the following months will be $2 (US) each so if you only want one for a special project, there is no obligation to sign up for a year.
I'm really thrilled to have started because my very greatest skill is procrastination and I could win medals were that only a sport!

I've also been visiting around all your lovely blogs but am having ipad comment issues, grrrr. 
You are my inspiration.



  1. Whoohoo. I am so excited. Thank you for releasing the patterns.

  2. well done you..... all the best with your Craftsy exploration...

  3. What a lovely quilt - so glad that you found all of the patterns! It is sooooo gorgeously Australian! Your cat is very pretty and just like mine loves to be in the thick of it!!! Happy treasure searching - its so much fun!

  4. Hey Christine! Gorgeous quilt! Well done on dipping your toe back into the designing pool ... looking forward to seeing MORE designs in 2015. :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS xx

  5. I adore your bluebirds and CONGRATULATIONS on your new craftsy shop - I'm heading over there now!