Saturday, 14 February 2015

Love and Valentines

'Sprinkle love on your heart and watch it bloom'

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

I bet everyone in Cheryll's Valentine swap is feeling warm and fuzzy and loved just as I am!
Thank you Cheryll it's been wonderful.

My parcel arrived a week ago and with great restraint I drooled over the unopened packages until today!

Finally the moment to open came and I am so incredibly thrilled and touched to find something so perfect that I know that 'Simone' must have really been studying my blog.

Isn't this absolutely gorgeous!
I just love it!

Teddy was very impressed too and was quite miffed when told it was NOT his new blanket. See that snippet of indignant tail.

We've been reshuffling the house a little so I now have a corner in hubby's study and this will be the perfect wall decoration above my laptop. I love the saying, the roses, the colours..and the choccies... diet to be resumed Monday hehehe.
Thank you so very much Simone. 

I've also noticed my recipient asking for the identity of her giver. This one I seem to think was a secret so now that gifts have been exchanged, please if someone can let me know whether the secret remains, and I can fess up....or not. (and go hunt for Simone too)

Have a happy Valentine's Day and spread love wherever you go. 



  1. Hi Christine what a lovely parcel from SImone and its fine to contact the lady you sent to ,I am sure she will love to hear from you,love Cheryll's swaps because of the wonderful friendships formed,Chez ' s swaps is how I became friends with Fiona and I can't wait to finally meet her in a couple of weeks,enjoy your weekend and gifts my friend xx

  2. I bet you got up early especially to open!!! you were good to wait..... very sweet mini quilt..... and a great saying...

  3. Simone sent you a beautiful Initial didn't she... I'm so pleased you joined in this swap. xox

  4. No need to fess up I found you .Loved my heart It is beautiful Thank you xx
    Oh and your gift from Simone is lovely