Thursday, 1 October 2015

Glorious Spring again

'Spring is the time of plans and projects.'
Leo Tolstoy

Hello everyone and welcome to October... didn't September just fly by!

Some of the glorious blooms that have burst out in the garden.

The scents have been amazing. 

I love Spring!

Aggravatingly I picked up a cold in the last week and have been moaning away to anyone who will listen in the hope of some sympathy. Being housebound has given me a chance to catch up on the million things I keep putting off and attack my sewing room... the same sewing room/office I was sharing with Mr Bluebird until he decided he'd get more peace in a different part of the house and transplanted himself with his goods and shekels to another room the furthest corner away. 

Amazing how effective a good moan is!

Having a room to myself has inspired me to fight my natural hoarding instincts and declutter and my soul is loving having air around it! 

This room gets the morning sun making it a lovely spot to come and work and play a little.

Jeremy Janome, the other male in my life, has been put to work adding lace to our plain white bedsheets. Mr Bluebird's and my plain white bed sheets, not Jeremy's and mine...

There has been secret sewing happening with the most beautiful fabrics...

and a fair bit of boring mending which I haven't taken a photo of.

Repurposing has been high on the declutter program and one of my dolls houses now holds my favouritest bestest fabrics. 

My very own real patchwork fabric shop

Teddy approved, especially when he discovered a lovely soft pile of Tilda and my birthday jelly roll on top...

EEEK!!! NO Teddy!!!!

I'm still struggling a little with Mr Bluebird's hand me down Apple Mac but now that I know how to add photos, maybe one day I'll even have a header for this blog.

One baby step at a time.



  1. Your Spring beauties are gorgeous! Love your very own "Quilt Shop" in minature. I hope you feel better soon xx

  2. September went way to fast. Love your blooms & quilt shop. Hugs, xx

  3. you've been an industrious girl Christine! well done!
    I love your fabric shop... I have one of those in my garage;)

  4. Found your blog via Craftsy, love your work. Saw your pictures on Instagram and thought to myself that looks like Toowoomba, and so it was, I live in Toowoomba also. Hope you feel better soon. Thank you for your lovely embroidery designs.