Thursday, 15 October 2015

a bit of distraction from sewing

'I leave homework to the last minute because I will be older therefore wiser.' Twitter meme

I should be doing some quilting homework... but a big storm came with big drops of wet rain and thunder so scaredy cat needed a cuddle. A long cuddle. Poor furry boy.

Isn't the freshness before a storm wonderful! Here's a photo from my (still unpainted) sewing room window to share it, but nothing ever conveys the feel and smell. We didn't get much more rain than those few drops you see though. 

Now, that homework... you may have read on Fiona's blog at Bubzrugz that she, Lyn and I are working on Sylvia's Bridal Sampler together, each with our own colours. (you may even have read it on my memory really isn't keeping up). There are 140 6 1/2 inch blocks which would keep a normal person occupied for about, say 2 years, maybe longer... Not these girls! 
They are dynamos! 
Not sleet nor snow nor sleeping cat stops them in their mission!

Every Tuesday they are putting their final seams in while I am still pondering what colours to use. Well, maybe not quite that bad but somehow I've ended up 2 blocks behind and need to catch up. 

Understandably I'm a little sidetracked by my 'new' 51 year old machine, 'Evie' who has been with me for 2 months after making the long journey from England.
Isn't she beautiful! 

I am absolutely besotted with her and spend too much time gazing lovingly and admiring her perfect straight stitch and her precise 1/4 inch seams. She sings as she sews too.

Sigh... even a photo can distract me for a few moments of googly eyed adoration.

One of her sisters was at the recent Craft and Quilt show in Brisbane along with a few of her other Singer relatives for us to meet.

...nearly as lovely as my darling.

While at the show I managed to pick up a few bits and pieces

and do a workshop

and take a million photos of quilts to show you 


which may actually be a good thing because I'm back to having trouble getting photos on the blog and have to email them so I can save them in downloads because blogger won't let me open my photos folder... so much to learn, so many new swear words to use.

Some photos are worth the effort so I'll leave you with my sister's beautiful kittens. 

Have a lovely week



  1. that's a fun post... I wish I had seen those mini hoops but maybe it's lucky I didn't. I like seeing Evie on our sewing days too

  2. Lol! Hope you got to catch up on your blocks. I too love the smell of raindrops falling on warm earth and the garden always looks so clean and fresh. Love your pretty sewing machine....hope the kitties have recovered x

  3. Love your post. Those kitties are just so adorable. Your blocks are gorgeous. Hugs,xx