Friday, 30 October 2015

The good and the not so good

"Some primal termite knocked on wood; 
and tasted it, and found it good. 
That is why your cousin May 
fell through the parlor floor today." 
Ogden Nash 

What a week! From the sublime to the ridiculous.

The sublime is of course a day sewing with friends Fiona and Lyn and as our Sylvia's Bridal Sampler blocks become more complicated we have been slowing the pace a little. Or being more honest, they have been patiently waiting while I struggle to keep up...

Naturally there was homework:
 And with such tiny pieces it time to raid the mis-cuts and leftovers box.
(oops, some of those look like Fiona's bits...shhh)

an evening with Evie and a hot cup of milo

an interesting selection of Y seams, hand piecing, foundation piecing and normal patchwork, all in 6 1/2 inches and 'modern tulip' was finished. 
It looks a LOT simpler than it was!!!!!

During the week I had another go at fmq and, after lots of machine and foot advice on Facebook, managed to produce a large coaster from one of my reject Sylvia blocks. I'm glad I'm not relying on making these for a living... unless there is a market for 3 figure mug mats with 'naive' quilting!

The second sublime thing was:


I didn't ask a question being a shy retiring type, but nothing I could have asked would have had the importance of the questions that were put forward. The tragedy in people's lives reminds you to treasure each moment. 

What a wonderful theatre we have to host such occasions.

If only I'd known they wanted audiences for Compass and The Book Club too.

Evie finally got her travel accessories (a generous free tutorial from this blog: Crafty Hipster.) 

I'm pondering making a mat with pockets to hold bits for her to sit on now but I also need a pincushion and a scrap/thread bag. With the pounds she is gaining due to accessorising it might be easier to sling the treadle into the car for sewing days!

And the ridiculous?

Pottering around the chook pen I turned a log and discovered these beasties:

...6 inches from our new back fence. 
The pest man who arrived soon after wasn't concerned at that proximity; 'they can travel 200m' he informed me cheerfully!

An all over check of the house and garden, lots of deadly chemicals, some eyewatering quotes and much paper signing later, we were reminded to remove all loose logs. (bye-bye most of my garden edging)

Guess who won't be sewing much in the next few weeks...

Hope you have a lovely week 



  1. Ahi Christine you have had a busy week,love your blocks and boy what a scare with those white ants,hope you have a lovely weekend my friend xx

  2. Hello Christine,

    I watched the last bit of that show, some very tough questions, which was good. Love the blocks you are working on,such pretty fabrics. Gosh I would have let the chooks eat the white ants but I suppose being in Queensland they would soon take off.
    Have a fun weekend.

    Happy days.

  3. Love your blocks. Oh those white ants are a worry. Hugs,xx

  4. oh that's a bummer Christine... but there's no alternative than to get rid of the wood... we had railway sleeper retaining in our back yard, & had to take it all out because of those little pests... I hope you can fit in at least a little bit of stitching xx

  5. lovely sewing as always... clever you.... horrible white ants.. hope it's all sorted... see you in the morning for more block sewing...