Thursday, 17 March 2016

Better late than never

"A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. 
The man who never reads lives only one."
George R R Martin

My friend seemed to think that my blog was now 'inactive'. Surely not? I write so many blog posts in my head while pottering on other projects that you must be aware of every thought I've had in the last 4 months! But technology hasn't managed to keep up and there isn't a wireless connection between my brain and the computer... although possibly thats not quite the case because my iMac has been as scrambled as my thoughts lately and doing very odd things! 

Fingers crossed we have that sorted - computer and me.

I'll catch up with photos because somehow the missing months are a blur.

Christmas was duly celebrated with far too much eating and lots of afternoon naps required.

Then came New Year and inspiration to begin afresh

(at this point I've walked the length of the London underground while simultaneously 
wandering all over Hawaii!)

and make firm resolutions 
such as ONLY work on projects already started 
like  'Hexies on Hexies' quilt-as-you-go friendship flower swap quilt.

Maybe even finish something!

New Year also brought the final visit of our eldest child before he flew from Australia for his world adventure with plans to only return for visits. 

 February it was our turn to travel so we headed overseas to Tasmania 
and saw...  big beautiful fur-coated bumblebees!

Along with a 1000 bumblebee photos, there are a few snaps
from fascinating Port Arthur, 

(oops, how did that hexie quilt and that willow pattern china slip in there!)

...beautiful Strahan, with the small settlement of delightful heritage listed little tin huts built for seaside holiday makers a century ago and now. 6ft1 hubby was less enthusiastic about the 5ft10 doorways - ouch!

and magnificent Hobart
plus a bonus Tuesday stitching day with Lyn who happened to be in Hobart too, holidaying with her family. 
(We might have visited a few patchwork shops too.)

and yes, there are rabbits on the drive of that beautiful stone public building
 in the middle of one of Australia's capital cities.

It was sad to leave the beautiful crispness of Hobart (snow on Mt Wellington!!!)  to return to hot and dusty Toowoomba and a parched garden 

but now the date had come to begin 

Out came Evie, a meter and a half of red rose fabric from the stash and off to Spotlight to buy red and white homespun and my 'Splendid Scarlet Sampler' was born.

I'm loving this year long 100 block challenge, made more challenging by only using 3 fabrics instead of the 35 recommended. 

If you haven't heard of it, there's still time to catch up to the 18000+ stitchers around the world subscribed on Facebook.  

Back thrifting, the Elm Creek Quilts Album called me to come and rescue it and now that my Sylvia's Bridal Sampler box is nearly full of blocks it has been lovely to read the (fictional) story behind this quilt and others.

The beloved had to spend another week away and it did occur to me that it would be a good chance to get some much needed Spring (Autumn) cleaning done but then another thought came that it would be a good chance


SEW without interruption!!

So I assessed the stash and found there was enough fabric 

 to begin 

the 'Second Splendid Sampler'

I'm loving the brights as much as the reds!

New Year Resolutions? Pfft!!

And for anyone who has been looking at their unfinished Bluebird of Happiness Quilt, I apologise very much for holding you up. The assembly instructions are now on Craftsy and I would be thrilled if you sent a photo of your finished work for me to include in a blog post.