Sunday, 17 April 2016

Monday is washing day...


Who knew laundry could be so exciting! It was for me this month when Homespun magazine published my pattern for a vintage style peg bag. What a thrill! I've been beaming like crazy and 'whistling while I work'. 

Teddy was pretty excited too

Now its back to normal routine;

Catching up on Splendid Sampler blocks...

I needed a break after cutting out all 57 pieces of Family Stars
tending the garden...

and stressing about returning to my paid job after an 8 month (much needed) break... 


Friday, 1 April 2016

Mending and pottering

There is satisfaction seeing a line of freshly mended linens in the sunlight of a new day 
 ready for their renewed life. 

With a pile of mending to tackle it was time to write a blog post instead. 

No relevant quotes sprang to mind so consulting google I found a choice between biblical James and John mending their nets and a selection of erotic paragraphs which wouldn't be out of place in a certain popular 'mummy porn' series. 


Then this popped up - Eeeek!!!

Maybe it's a hint to just get the mending done? 

(if anyone gets the same message, DO NOT call this 'helpline'.  I'm warned they will request remote access to 'fix' the problem. Just close the computer down, force quit if necessary and open new web pages when you return. )

So having discovered holes in our linens (still puzzling how that happened) and with no computer to sidetrack me it was an opportunity to try out some of Jerome Janome's extra stitches. Jerome was merely Jeremy a couple of years ago but since he has been joined by a selection of vintage straight stitch machines, Bonnie, Elspeth and Evie, he rather fancies himself as an 'artiste' with his 60 different practical and decorative stitches and unlike the lovely reliable girls, he  enjoys a bit of temperament as well.

To pacify his disdain at being put to mending (stitch #23 is superb) I added a luxurious length of lace to the top hem of the sheet - not only beautiful but helpful to find the top of the sheet when groping about in the night!

A bit of hand patching and embroidery to finish off as well some boring repairs to other items which don't need to be shared.

Naturally I had lap help until a better spot became vacant...

mmmm, lovely warm ironing board.

In the garden, Ariel, our last pet chicken left us a few months ago (aged nearly 15. We miss her still) and without her scratching about the food scraps the chookpen is bursting with produce! Looking at the developing pumpkins I'm thinking there's been some hanky panky going on between the butternuts and the japs...

Roses are blooming, mulberries are returning and the tomatoes and raspberries are starting to look promising. The hydrangeas have a few stragglers taking advantage of the undone pruning too.  
We also had a feast of potatoes when it was time to dig up the potato bed - lasting one meal. 

Gorgeous weather for the garden so a bit of sewing neglect and I'm now a couple of blocks behind in the Splendid Sampler. Oh well, everything happens in time.