Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Goodbye my blue eyed boy

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened. ” 
Anatole France

Our darling cat Teddy left us on Thursday. He had many years ahead of him but these were not to be. He slipped out a window while we were sleeping, probably feeling pleased with himself for being so clever and we think he was hit by a car. 

He came to us as an 8 week kitten and from the day he arrived he ruled the house from my shoulder, a position he still insisted on even as he passed 5 1/2 kilos. 

Cross eyed and terrified of birds, he nonetheless saw himself as a skilled hunter. He had the  'bottom wiggle' technique perfected and great was the excitement when he brought his first and only 'kill' in, although the plastic trap still attached to the rodent's cold stiff corpse hinted that the prey may not have been moving quickly ... if at all. 

When he lost his tail in an accident we thought his beauty would be marred but that wagging stump was a feature of his doglike nature and he became an icon in the immediate neighbourhood. Teddy loved people. The more people the better and he knew people loved him back - even the few who didn't. He was loving and loyal and when his best friend, 'Ariel the hen' died he daily sat at the door of the empty henhouse for several weeks and mourned her. 

 So many memories that make me smile and cry in turn. 
He was the last of the pets we had as a family and he has left us with a very empty house.

Darling Theodore, gift of God, most loved cat, vocal, opinionated, strong willed, curious, playful, bedwarming neck snuggler, leaver of dirty footprints, you and your innocent loving blue eyes are missed so much. 

“…love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.”  Khalil Gibran


Saturday, 14 May 2016

Little Miss Organised

'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication' 
 Leonardo Da Vinci

I don't know if I've ever mentioned that I am a chronic hoarder with bouts of being a mad declutterer... 
This month (year?) is my tidying and decluttering burst. I'm not sure my husband takes my decluttering seriously - actually I'm not sure my friends do either as I dive through their bins looking for that half inch of fabric they've wastefully thrown away...  but I know that anyone who reads this will be awed and inspired by the organisation achieved. (as long as I keep my photos well cropped!)

For Mother's Day, my husband gave me this long coveted set of ikea drawers. The top 2 are essentials but the next 4 contain secret women's business - i.e. projects still to be finished. How handy! I can whip them out in a second instead of scuffling about, bottom in the air, going through the boxes under my desk. Maybe one glimpse of that - full on rear view was what inspired him? 
I don't think I'll ask. 

On my desk, organisation is taking place in this set of shelves. I made these earlier this year but only finished painting them a couple of days ago - if anyone wants to know what tedious is, it's painting 68 individual cotton reels so they don't stick together! Its supposed to be a bit casual and shabby chic. The shabby I got down to perfection. The chic??? Well...

A couple of half finished cushion covers are stored comfortably on the back of my sewing chair where they provide warmth and padding and can be found the instant I get sewing again. 
Maximum efficiency!

and Sylvia's Bridal Sampler is almost finished - 6 blocks (and a wee matter of assembling and quilting) to go. 

What will I do with my time when my sewing room is organised and my quilt finished?!?!?