Thursday, 16 February 2017

Flimsy February Two

There are moments when art attains almost to the dignity of manual labor.  
Oscar Wilde

My second flimsy for Flimsy February,  using 36 blocks from the Sylvia's Bridal Sampler set and some gorgeous Tilda fabric bought on holidays in Glenbrook last year. 

Ta Da!!! 

Kipling is very approving of this flimsy frenzy creating padded places for napping cats.

With the release of the last block a few days ago, (on the hottest day locally on record) the weekly excitement of the Splendid Sampler came to end and is now calling to be made into... two lap size quilts.  Work is currently in progress - what was I thinking when I thought this sashing would be easy, with no seams to match up!!! And I have to do it again for the second! No time to mourn the end of such a fantastic sewing year.

A break from flimsy life was had at Craft Alive where my friends and I dyed  -  fabric. 
Plus did a little bit of shopping, and had massages - I could share a lovely photo of the two of them in ecstasy but what happens at the craft show stays at the craft show...

Back to the sewing machine.
Have a lovely week


Thursday, 9 February 2017

Flimsy February

"My husband said if I were to buy any more fabric, he would leave me. I'm going to miss him!!" quilt saying

Hubby has been away for a week and my affair with my machine started as the door closed behind him. 
Result: I have a flimsy!

and another in the making!

and more finished Splendid sampler blocks! (a couple of these might have been from last week but I have a cat on my lap and can't get up to 
take another photo) 

and more houses for the 2017 Scrappy challenge

I love this colour - not blue nor green but in between

AND a new stack of fat flats from the 10 for $10 spotlight sale! I saved so much money I think I should go and save some more.

Especially while the quilting tool sale is still on because with all this flimsy cutting, the blade in my cutter wore a groove in the metal shaft and got stuck! 


Where was a man to fix these things when you need one!

Actually I did have a male visitor after retiring to bed one evening!!! 
A boy in blue came rapping at my door (several hours after the end of a loud and spicy argument next door) because they had a report of a domestic at MY address! 

With a soft spot for our law enforcers in uniform (memories of those 000 balls in my youth) I might have been thrilled but are they recruiting from primary school now! How did the police get so young
...or maybe I've gotten old.


Friday, 3 February 2017

OPAM and I have a finish!

“Starting something can be easy, it is finishing it that is the highest hurdle.” 
 Isabella Poretsis

Oh Happy Day! 

Kris at TagalongTeddies has opened up OPAM 2017 for sign ups and I have a finish for January! In fact, as I can include my sunroom curtains, I have 2 finishes! ...Or 6 if I can count each curtain individually! Hmmmm

And neither project was on my list - is it too late to add them so I can cross them off?

Finish One was a Boro coaster workshop started at the Brisbane quilt show in October...2015. I didn't need coasters but I did need a small bag so stitched madly away in one piece to make the front... then archived it. It returned to memory when Fiona mentioned her (still at that point to be finished) set so out it came from the bottom of Mt UFO. 
Add some extra fabric, clips, vintage button and a charm and

Ta Da!


Don't you love those gorgeous textured Japanese fabrics!

Finish Two began life as Ikea bedspreads. 
With lining and tape and rings, the result is a second

Ta Da!

Twenty two or three feet of verandah windows now screened from the blazing morning sun. Just in time for this melting weather.

From the WISP pile, my Splendid Sampler 'Splendidly Scarlet'  plods along getting scarily close to the end.

so it was safe to start using up fabric to border each block ready for sashing. Oh why didn't I take advantage of those multitude of Spotlight sales in the last few months! Maybe next week I'll be lucky.
(does anyone else hate paying full price for homespun at Spotlight?)

With all this sewing going on, our furry baby cosily slept on the ironing towel on the desk alongside, just below the design wall - where, in an unexpected breeze, a Splendid Sampler block floated down to protect him from any draughts... 

He's such a darling