Thursday, 16 March 2017

Ham and Sausage

"I do so like green eggs and ham, thank you, thank you, Sam I am. "
Dr Seuss

A month anniversary since my last post! Somehow it seems much longer.  I nearly wrote yesterday and how lucky you are that I didn't - such doldrums. A couple of weeks ago a bug laid me really flat leaving me grumpy and querulous and lots of other unattractive things (the beloved doesn't seem to have noticed though - is that what I am always like?!?) and it came to a peak yesterday morning when nothing I tried to do came to anything. 
The outing I wanted to join was fully booked, the iron wouldn't clean after leaving filthy marks on my white fabric, the very easy pincushion pattern I wasn't following properly wasn't working how I wanted... you get the idea. By afternoon I was ready to throw phones and sewing machines and irons (and husbands) out the window. 

A few deep breaths and a cup of tea and I remembered my spare iron from a Spotlight sale and worked out a way of salvaging the pincushion. 

A few burnt fingers and I realised I needed a device to iron against when adding pellon to the pincushion interior in the salvage process.

A few google searches and I discovered I needed a ham - and could make it myself with materials to hand!

So with many thanks to Tilly and Kristiann, and Vinnies for a tucked away gorgeous shop sample of some Sanderson linen/cotton fabric, I got sewing. 

While making a ham why not make a sausage too!

Ta da!!! 
Wonderful how a small achievement can lift the mood and sweep the grumbles away

and the pincushion is back on track.

Have a lovely week.



  1. Oh how clever you are....certainly lifts the spirits when things go to plan....good work making it happen x

  2. Oh my. I need 1 of those. What a clever person you are. I hope all is well now. Give your gorgeous kitty a hug from me please. Hugs, xx

  3. Hi Christine oh you poor girl glad you turned it all around,very impressed my friend.

  4. How clever you are..... gorgeous fabric find too....