Friday, 24 March 2017

A little organisation goes a long way

See a pin and pick it up
and all the day you'll have good luck.
See a pin and let it lay 
and all your luck will pass away.

I must have let a lot of pins lay last week so this week have been very diligent about picking them up - so many that finishing the pincushion became an urgency! Happily it went without a hitch - is it the way the wind is blowing or the position your mouth is in that causes the gremlins to creep in?

I love it and am thinking I may need more pincushions...

If you need one too, the lovely design is by Anna Maria Horner and is on the US Better Homes and Gardens site as wild flower pincushion and the printable pattern pieces
here. Ignore 'not found' and click download.

I added a ladybird full of emery to keep my sparkling new and very beautiful glass headed pins sharp. 

In this floral mode, as well as celebrating with sweet pea seeds on St Patricks day, I whipped up the latest bonus Splendid Sampler block by Jane Davidson - 'Little Clover' for my Splendidly Smaller WIP. (the less said about my 'should be finished' Splendidly Scarlet the better at this point) 

While at the sewing machine lots of mending was done too - don't worry I won't share my patched shirts and pants with you!
The rest of the week has been taken up with gardening and reorganising inside. Bonnie, my Bluebird treadle now reposes in the sunroom where she has been fitted with a new belt (lots of *%#@) and may even be used for her original purpose.


So with space in the sewing room I was able move a filing cabinet (a bit more*%#@ because it was 5mm taller than the desk it is now squeezed under) to set up an efficient cutting/pressing station, with lots of space beneath for those inconvenient bits. With exercise in mind its located at the opposite end of the room to the sewing machine ... 4 steps away. 1250 return trips per day from the sewing machine to the cutting station should satisfy my fitbit!

The next day, while dropping excess bits off at Lifeline, I found treasure in this delightful little iron! Perfect!

Once again I'm set to face the sewing world!

Wishing everyone a lovely week.



  1. Hi Christine your new pin cushion is so cute and I love the idea of the lady bird,well done ,wow what a find with your iron,hope you have a lovely weekend too my friend .

  2. Love the pincushion & your cute little iron. Not sure if you'll get any sewing done since your gorgeous furbaby seems to have claimed the machine. :) Hugs,xx

  3. I love your new pincushion and the ladybird is brilliant... perfect finish.....

  4. I love the pincushion and your sewing space looks lovely. You are good doing extra blocks x